Mini Timepieces Clocks

          Each clock starts with a beautiful powdercoated copper hammertone, silver vein or raven black metal back and base, with glazed ceramic shapes as part of the design element. The clock face is glazed ceramic. Please be aware that each Timepiece is a one of a kind work of art meaning that the clock you order will be similar but not exact to the picture on the website. The face of the clock will be most like the picture!

          Mini Clocks measure 5" wide x 8" tall, can be ordered in a large selection of tile colors and come in three shapes:Rectangle on Square Base, Surfboard on Square Base, and Square on Triangle Basel, for only $35. They come in 3 powder coated colors, with a lifetime warranty on the clock mechanism.

th-mini-clock-05.jpg - 8.10 K th-mini-clock-03.jpg - 8.25 K th-mini-clock-01.jpg - 9.16 K
on Square Basek
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on Square Base
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on Triangle Base
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